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Manuka Honey – Watson & Son ®️

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Watson & Son ®️ Manuka Honey is a premium brand of Manuka honey from New Zealand.

The company was originally established by the father and son team in the form of Denis and Daniel Watson.

Watson & Son Manuka Honey is a part of Oha Honey, which is 100% owned by Ngāi Tahu, the main iwi (tribe) in New Zealand’s southern region.

The company has some 30,000 hives in locations all over New Zealand and in order to manage such a large number of hives, the company partners with local landowners.

Manuka Honey has become a major global success story for New Zealand because of its status as a superfood and also because of the honey’s well-documented antimicrobial characteristics.

The starting point for this delicious and unique honey is the humble Manuka bush, which is native to New Zealand.
The Manuka bush (or tree as it is also sometimes referred to) has delicate white flowers and a relatively short flowering season.

It is the nectar from the bush that honey bees take back with them to their hive and through a miracle of nature turn it into Manuka honey.

The scientific community has also been fascinated by Manuka honey’s unusual characteristics and considerable research has gone into identifying the unique markers that are in authentic Manuka honey.

MGO, or methylglyoxal, is one such natural chemical that can be measured and is an important indicator that the Manuka honey is genuine.

There is a direct relationship between the level of MGO and the honey’s antibacterial activity, although this is not the only factor involved.

Watson & Son Manuka Honey MGO 5+ is a premium Manuka honey. This level of MGO is not the highest but this could be a good starting point for those on their initial Manuka honey journey.

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