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Kirkland Sunsweet Pitted Dried Plums – 1.59kg

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Kirkland Signature is proud to offer Sunsweet Pitted Dried Plums.

If you think a plum is just a plum, get ready for a surprise. Sunsweet’s fantastic flavor is no accident. Since 1917 Sunsweet’s grower-owned cooperative has invested in proprietary growing, harvesting, pitting, and packaging practices, all to provide you with the ultimate dried plum. Succulent, sweet and irresistible…YES but also be amazed at how much super fruit nutrition Sunsweet Plums for Kirkland Signature pack in! With whole fruit antioxidants, natural potassium, a good source of fiber and 0% fat, your body will thank you. So go ahead, live a little, pop a few for a snack or into recipes and enjoy these gems of superfruit goodness.

  • Good Source of Fibre
  • Whole Fruit Antioxidant
  • Soft, Pitted & Ready to Eat
  • Kosher

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Weight 1600 g

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